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Craftsman Cues Ltd 51 High Street, Kippax, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 7AH, United Kingdom.

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Craftsman Cues Ltd 51 High Street, Kippax, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 7AH, United Kingdom.

Century Pro-X laminated cue tip

Century Pro-X laminated cue tip

The all-new CC Laminated Cue Tip — CC Pro-X

Since its inception, CC Team has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of billiards. Known for our innovative spirit and high-quality products, CC’s single-layer cue tips have gained recognition and favor among both professional players and enthusiasts, becoming their go-to choice for achieving excellence. Now, we are proud to mark another significant milestone in our journey of innovation by introducing the all-new CC Laminated Cue Tip — CC Pro-X, a product that promises to bring a whole new level of billiards experience to professional players and passionate fans alike.

CC Pro-X (Selected Premium Leather + Innovative Adhesive + Advanced Craftsmanship + Scientific Testing + Insights from Professional Players)

Selection of Premium Leather:
The choice of materials significantly impacts the performance, stability, and longevity of the final cue tip. We meticulously select portions of leather based on authenticity, uniformity, softness, hardness, and durability to create the optimal composition for crafting multi-layer cue tips.

Expert Research and Development Team:
CC Pro-X is the result of a collaboration between CC and the research team at the University of Sheffield, UK. During the development phase, we simulate real-world usage scenarios and actively gather feedback from professional players and billiards enthusiasts to precisely understand their needs for multi-layer cue tips and desired ball-striking feel.

CC Pro-X features a specially developed adhesive by the CC team. After rigorous durability and stress testing by numerous professional players, this adhesive effectively reduces layer separation issues, extending the cue tip’s lifespan.

Advanced Manufacturing Craftsmanship:
We employ advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure each layer of the multi-layer cue tip is bonded uniformly and securely. This not only reduces the risk of separation but also provides a consistent striking feel.

Scientific Grading and Testing:
We offer different hardness options to cater to various playing styles.

CC Pro-X (Soft) — Enhanced spin, easy control of the cue ball
CC Pro-X (Medium) — Adequate elasticity, consistent performance
CC Pro-X (Hard) — Powerful impact, higher accuracy

Product Specifications:
Cue Tip Diameter 11mm
Number of Layers: 9 layers
Material: Specially treated Pigskin

Customers please note: The white layer of the cue tip is to show you that the tip is at the lowest wear point and getting ready to change.

Our Mission is to challenge the status quo and propel the billiards industry forward. Through the launch of innovative products, we are dedicated to providing professional players with the ultimate tools for competition, enabling them to stand out and realize their dreams on the billiards table. We have full confidence in CC Pro-X. This innovative product is set to become the top choice for professional players, helping them elevate their performance in billiards matches. We look forward to witnessing professional players showcase higher levels of skill and captivating performances in their games.

CC brand extends its gratitude for your support. We will continue to innovate and bring forth more exciting products to the world of billiards. Let’s embrace a new era of billiards competitions together and explore the possibilities of the future!