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Craftsman Cues Ltd 51 High Street, Kippax, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 7AH, United Kingdom.

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01132 86574401132 865744

Craftsman Cues Ltd 51 High Street, Kippax, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 7AH, United Kingdom.

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Welcome to Craftsman Cues

Experience the wide variety of cues for sale in our Snooker & pool showroom. We offer a Try before you buy service where all cues on display can be tried out first on one our snooker or pool tables at your leisure. No pressure selling, just helpful advice if needed. Gain the advantage on your opponents by trying a selection of cues to find the cue which most suits you. All cue lengths, weights and tip sizes available in store. Extensions & cue cases to suit.
Cue alteration & repair service also available....

Also supplying some other great branded products from Unicorn Darts, Cornilleau Table Tennis, GM Cricket, Molten Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Netball, NET1 net systems.........
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Customer Notice

To all our customers....

David Brown who started Craftsman Cues over 40 years ago is now retiring from making cues.

We will no longer be able to offer a full repair & alteration service as we always have done. However we will still be able to offer work such as cue thinning down, ferrule & tip replacement, and cue refurbishments.

Dave would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for your business & support over the years.

Moving forward it's very much business as usual, and proud to announce we will now be having our Craftsman Cue range made for us by Phoenix Cue in Thailand. The same designs you've come to know and love over the years, Majestic, Panther, 147, Special & Century. Made to our very own specifications & using our original Craftsman Cue joints.

The industry now recognises some of the best cues in the world are now being made in Thailand. They have far better resources to obtain the best quality ash & maple, far proceeding the quality of timber that's available in the UK.

Specialist cue makers to the professionals for 20 years

All types of cues, cases & accessories available for you to try before you buy in our new, larger showroom or securely through our online shop.


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